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So Good, You'll Skip the Chip

February 11th 2019 | by Southern Recipe

We all know why there's a Pork Rind Appreciation Day, but can anyone tell us why there's a Chips and Dip Day?!? It just doesn't sound right! Here are eight reasons why pork rinds are better than chips: 1. The potato chip was first invented in 1853 while pork rinds go back to the Mayan culture 3114 BC - rinds have had so much more time to perfect the smoky flavors we all love. 2. Pork rinds have 1/3 less fat than chips. 3. Pork rinds have fewer carbs - in fact, the almighty rind has 0 carbs. 4. Pork Rinds have a natural bacon flavor (well, of course!), while the Starch King has a sprayed on "bacon" flavor. 5. Pork rinds hold up better than the delicate chip - in fact, we have a built-in handle to scoop more dips and salsas. 6. By using crushed pork rinds in recipes you'll add a bacony flavor that you'll never get with chips. 7. Pork rinds are gluten-free - use crushed rinds in place of flour to make you pizza crust recipe ... mamma mia. 8. On Pork Rind Appreciation Day,  we donated to the charity Gridiron Greats gave more than 500 prizes away to pork rind lovers, with the Grand Prize winner taking home $2500 plus a year supply of our pork rinds. What did you do, King of the Dud Spud?

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